CITE: Janov, Arthur.  The Primal Scream. ISBN: 978-1568491570. Da Capo Press. 1999.

SUMMARY The Primal Scream is a classic work on primal therapy, a form of psychotherapy that aims to help people access and release repressed emotions and memories from their early childhood. The book provides an overview of the theory and practice of primal therapy, as well as case studies of patients who have undergone the treatment.


The book challenges the traditional view of neurosis as a purely psychological disorder, arguing that it is actually caused by unprocessed trauma and repressed emotions from early childhood. Janov proposes that the only way to truly heal from these issues is to access and release them through primal therapy, which involves intense emotional release and regression to childhood experiences.


  • “The neurotic is driven by impulses he does not understand, and over which he has no control, and which often emerge in inappropriate or destructive ways.”
  • “Primal therapy is not for everyone, nor is it a magic cure-all. But for those who are willing to undertake the journey, it can be a powerful and transformative experience.”
  • “We must come to the realization that our psychological problems are not the result of character defects or moral failings, but rather the result of unresolved childhood trauma.”
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