CITE: Ferenczi S. The elasticity of psychoanalytic technique. In: Jones E, ed. Final Contributions to the Problems and Methods of Psycho-analysis. London: Hogarth Press; 1928. p. 83-106.


In this paper, Ferenczi discusses the importance of adapting psychoanalytic technique to the needs of the individual patient. He suggests that a flexible approach is necessary in order to address the unique challenges and complexities of each case.


  • Ferenczi argues that psychoanalytic technique must be adaptable and flexible in order to effectively address the complex and varied needs of individual patients.
  • He proposes a number of techniques and strategies for adapting psychoanalytic practice to meet the needs of specific patients, including the use of more direct and confrontational approaches, and the incorporation of elements of play and spontaneity.
  • Ferenczi’s ideas about the flexibility and elasticity of psychoanalytic technique have been influential in the field, and continue to be debated and discussed by contemporary scholars and practitioners.


  • “The art of psychoanalysis lies in the ability to adapt one’s technique to the unique needs of the individual patient.” (p. 86)
  • “The psychoanalyst must be prepared to adjust their approach and techniques in response to the particularities of each case.” (p. 95)
  • “The elasticity of psychoanalytic technique is essential for effective treatment, as it allows us to respond to the varied and complex needs of our patients.” (p. 106)
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