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What Makes Us Special?


Who we are

The Prenatal Sciences Research Institute is a Non-Profit Organization involved in, but not limited to, scientific research: It applies documented knowledge to practice and converts it into educational material that refers to all groups of people, children, pregnant couples, professionals and other researchers, and to actions intended to raise awareness, to heal or to influence in a peaceful way the principles of acceptance, respect and recognition of the gifts each of us bring to this world.
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What we do

1.We do research in the field of Prenatal Sciences. We work with the most important researchers in the field as we are members of the COST ACTION organization. 2. We design educational lessons for those professionals and/or researchers who are interested to integrate the findings. We specialize in Prenatal Psychology. 3. We translate the knowledge in ways that the messages can reach various groups: children, adolescents, readers, pregnant couples and young parents, mature citizens. 4. We design Primordial Health Advancement Programs to promote health for future generations. Finally, we try to connect all inteersed in a transcultural, transdisciplinary alliance for the best interests of all.

How we work

We believe in partnerships and diversity. Thus, we work with all We live in different countries. We speak different languages (although most of us also speak English). We come from different academic/ professional/ religious or cultural backgrounds. Our skin color is not the same. BUT our hearts, minds and hands are the same: We honor life on Earth; we believe that our pre/perinatal experiences matter; we wish to see better health for people, peaceful co-existence among all life forms, respect to Nature and responsible decisions that promote civilization.

"Prenatal Psychology is an interdisciplinary scientific field… the practice of which attempts to integrate different disciplines with the basic questions of life and its challenges. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary character, which enables different scientific specialties such as medicine, psychology, psychoanalysis, anthropology, human ethology, sociology, philosophy and others to meet (for) … a mutually creative interaction or cross fertilization (P.F. Freybergh, 2021)

Peter Fedor-Freyburgh

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