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    million people suffer from mental disease
    million children age 2-7 were abused last year
    babies are born every day
    % of therapists are women
    % of college students graduate evey year


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    Our Programs

    Our programs explore the beginnings of life. They aim to provide professionals with the specialization training to use the tools in prenatal psychology in their practice. You can also find courses for those among professionals who would like to integrate the findings from prenatal sciences in their profession. There are also courses to train the trainers of those who would like to focus on supporting children, adolescents, pregnant couples or young parents.

    A full training program is available for those who wish to specialize in Prenatal Psychology. Online, study at your own pace, supervision, practice. Also specialization in Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology.
    Short or longer courses on a number of contemporary questions about life. Inspired by the findings of modern sciences like biology, quantum physics, epigenetics but also philosophy and ethics, this series of courses is mind expanding.
    This course is designed for those who are considering parenthood, are pregnant, have a baby, or have a young child. Special attention is given to those who have adopted or are considering adoption. Newborn care classes for parents.
    "Welcome" is aprimordial Health Advancement Program designed by Olga Gouni. It is the only program that works with a focus on the unborn child. Training is offered to Health Professionals working with pregnant couples.


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